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GraffitiMA or better known as Ernesto...                                     

Ever since he was a child, sketching, drawing and building things out of anything would always have his attention. During his High School years, he had his first taste of AutoCAD. A complex, complicated yet fun drafting program that had him hooked to Design.  In 2004 he attended Sacramento State University, and develop his passion more for design and art. He graduated  in 2007 with a degree in Interior Architecture. That same year,  he had a unique makeup experience as a guest at a Photoshoot, in Southern California, that guided him to a new venture in life. After that he pursued the idea of enhancing beauty and challenged himself to look further into the eccentricities that makeup could offer.  He feels that his understanding in Design has given him the opportunity to step out of the "norm" and create some fun projects with the help of Photographers, models and other artists. The last 12 years in this industry have been an amazing learning adventure. His work has not gone unnoticed and can be found in news stands, renowned bridal blogs and TV. He is always looking for inspirations around him. For the last 2 year he has had the opportunity to live at the WAL Artists Lofts in Sacramento; an Artist based community, where inspiration flows through all the halls. He plans to take advantage of every moment  of his surroundings to further his technique, creativity and eye for Makeup Artistry. 


"Everything around me has served me as inspiration on a daily basis. Whether its fall, and leaves are changing from the deep greens to the new fiery yellows and oranges to angles and shadows on buildings. When people approach me with their ideas I immediately get to sketching and look at other artists work, paintings  and  I let my imagination  come up with a  concept."

Recent News 

In the Fall of 2016, Ernesto decided to take his brand to the next level. He expanded into product design and after 6 months of trial and error he was able to develop his own 3d Mink Eyelash. He named it Goddess Lashes. You are welcome to visit our store here in this site or visit to experience the full line. 

The Team..

As Ernesto grows, so does the team. Building relationships with other artists is very important. Working with a team of people you can trust  is key to success. Large project have been knocking at our door and it is time to expand and take care of every client no matter if its a bridal party of 15 or an 10hr Commercial shoot with multiple models. We will make it work!

Meet Lemi...

 I’ve always had a passion for the arts, especially painting. So naturally I began to experiment with makeup and I fell in love with it. When I started competing in pageants I became exposed to a new world, one where I felt like was able to grown and learn in unlike any other. It helped me gain confidence and an understanding of my aspirations in life. This awakening is the force that helps me continue to always put my best foot forward as I strive towards my goals. So that maybe one day I’ll be able to accomplish my many wishes of what I want to do, and how I want to influence the world.

Meet Cristina...

From a very young age Cristina loved everything about beauty! She would paint herself with her moms makeup, drenched on her perfumes and practically emptied all hair products! She would then throw on some her moms clothes and heels and walk the runway, more like the hallway making her feel like a model.
Art has been a passion for Cristina. She always had an eye for drawing, crafts, and creating things. In High School she would take Art/Crafting classes to help her further her skills. With no formal training, she practiced on her self each day to better understand how makeup worked. Most recently she decided to attend Flawless Pro Makeup Academy, a certificate training school that helped her understand the importance of sanitation in makeup application. Makeup truly is her passion. Personally she loves the confidence that it gives her, but most important the confidence her clients gain after looking in the mirror. For Cristina, a look is not complete without Mascara, Brow gel and a good Powder foundation. She would like to inspire others through her art just like life inspires her.

Why GraffitiMA...

Although I don't necessarily agree with Graffiti do to the vandalism to personal property... I can appreciate the art behind the colorful, self expressive nature of every well thought out design or inscription piece. Just like Graffiti, I feel that my artistry is driven by many factors, constant changes, trends, techniques and influences from other mediums.  I came up with Graffiti Makeup Artistry because I express my self every time I paint a face. Just like a tagger paints on a wall or on a sign, my work evolves daily from  an over the top Editorial look to a brides special day.




Phone: 916-501-5932


I could probably list a million and one things, but I won't! I love all things design oriented. From ancient architecture, newest gadget that makes life easier, to the latest trends in fashion . I observe every curve, function, and I analyze  its purpose until  I make sure it make sense to me. Scary movies are always my  list!!!!


2014 KCRA A-List For Best Wedding Hair and Makeup

2011 San Francisco Makeup Artist of the Year

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